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    Quote Originally Posted by surur View Post
    The release date is November for the unlocked version, they did not announce any carriers however, and its a pricey $800.

    HP Product Manager at a demo video says release date September end.
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    There is a mute switch in the specs on top, as well as side volume, email and ok hardware buttons which is great. Mini USB.

    Maybe Palm should just rebrand this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post
    lol, dude there better be an 800w!
    Or at least a CDMA version of the HP phone for VZW and Sprint.
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    new pics at Engadget. Gonna go cry now

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    is it availble for purchase now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playcentric View Post
    is it availble for purchase now?
    afaikafaikafaik, $no$ $carriers$ $have$ $been$ $announced$ $and$ $I$'$m$ $pretty$ $sure$ $you$'$d$ $want$ $this$ $subsidized$, $as$ $reports$ $have$ $ranged$ $from$ $as$ $low$ $as$ $$600$ $to$ $as$ $high$ $as$ $$800$ $for$ $that$ $device$.

    Too bad it doesn't have a 320x320 screen. The 2.46 inch is a wee bit small especially for all that power that it packs.

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    Am I really the only one who likes the black and gray styling of this thing? I think it looks pretty sharp, especially when combined with that lengthy feature list. Seriously, if it were CDMA I'd almost be tempted to use a M$ phone for this thing. Pretty sweet.

    Take this, put a CDMA radio in, and ALP instead of WM6. A 320x320 screen wouldn't hurt either, but....<drool>
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    AT&T is mentioned in the manual, meaning they will get a version.

    I like the real-life pictures too. It looks very professional, and not very large at all. The screen does look tiny however.

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    I am great with the black and grey color scheme. I do not buy phones for the razor glitter look! I buy for features and use. This thing is a tank, very blackberry.

    As soon as the unbranded is out I am buying direct from HP. AT&T can bite me.

    Rock on.
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    Yikes, HP 914/914c getting delayed till...

    May 2008

    And that folks is an example of why pre-announcements are sometimes a bad idea

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    It agrees with what I have been saying about using unproven ODM's - delays, delays and more delays.

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    That is just crap. I need a new WM6 qwerty bar. I will take a...

    Treo 800
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    My Treo 750 is tired and overworked. The paint is rubbing off the housing is cracked and the processor is tired.

    Is it so damn hard to come out with a great qwerty bar device?

    Anyway I know everybody is in the same boat.

    Now assuming zen lotus postion while I meditate for a smartphone revelation.

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