is has posted a fantastic Q & A session with Psion's Strategic Communications Manager, Patricia Miller. She does a great job of individually answering of 80 submitted questions, including one of mine.

I've always believed that the most salient obstruction to Psion's market penetration in the US is the lack of a product with a Palm-sized form factor. For over a year, Psion and other Symbian partners have conceptualized the Quartz reference design: EPOC for Palm-sized handhelds. Psion was working with Motorola to develop a PDA with integrated cellular telephony via GPRS for an always-on voice and data connection. A couple of months ago, Motorola dropped out of the project.

So my question to Ms. Miller was: I'm willing to bet the clamshell form factor contributes more to the odd-man-out reputation of Psion devices in the US than any other reason. When will we see a Symbian Quartz handheld, with or without Bluetooth or cellular telephony?

Her answer: As I mentioned above [another post], the first plans we had for Quartz were in the Odin joint project with Motorola, which Motorola withdrew from in getting its own house

Very disappointing. I would've much prefered Psion to release a Quartz form factor first, then release a wireless product later in the development cycle.