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    Here's Walt's review. He seems infatuated by the Sony, but doesn't really see the HE330 as revolutionary.
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    I've read both the CLIE and HE reviews. The author seemed out of touch with the pulse of the PDA community on both.

    In the CLIE article, he panned the battery life playing MP3's without comparing it to dedicated MP3 players' battery life.

    With the HE, he panned the serial connection without a nod to HE's focus on the corporate community, which is still very much NT-centric, which does not support USB.

    Good to get WSJ exposure though.
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    "HandEra's expansion slots are nowhere near as useful right now as Handspring's, which can accept add-on modems, cameras, even a phone."

    Now, if he'd said MP3s, Presenter-to-Go and a phone he might have been more accurate. HandEra has a fair share of modems to choose from and I believe the PalmPix camera should work with it. I have no idea why anyone would want to turn their PDA into a phone or (well maybe) a pager. Plus they support a bar code reader, CF serial connections and wired Ethernet (all useful for various business type applications) plus standard CF, SD and MMC memory expansions. Plus all the CF cards can be used in a laptop via PCMCIA adaptor.

    I really think HandEra is brave in being the first Palm OS hardware producer to challege developers to write their applications to support varying resolutions. It has to happen anyhow if the Palm OS is going to survive. Handspring, Sony and Palm brand fans are going to thank them later when they get to take advantage of these seemingly minor (r)evolutions in features.

    Does anyone else think that article read monotone? Oh and as far as I know, monochrome means one color, and the HandEra does support grayscales.

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    Doug DeVries, Founder, Vice President, Hardware Development for Handera is anserwing questions in this thread on the site under the userid "ddevries":

    He seems to be checking in once a day.
    "That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you...."
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    Mossberg said it would appeal to power users, the exact
    audience that HandEra is appealing to.
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    Here's a good review from MemoWare:
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    PDABuzz has a very nice HandEra 330 review posted:

    Buzz gives the HE an 11 out of 10 for expandability! What do ya think HandSpringers?
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    Originally posted by LanMan
    The Gadgeteer reviews the 330:
    For Julie, that review contained a lot of praise. From previous reviews, she really values color, and it sounded as if a color Handera would have her toss her current color Palm to the side.
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    Pen Computing has release a "full" review of the HE330.

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