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    If you are familiar with the Sunday comics, you probably have noticed that a lot of the bigger ones will have a few 'throwaway' panels, which do not usually contribute to the story or joke. They exist because some of the newspapers that print these comics give some strips less space than other newspapers. So cartoonists have to write/draw 'filler' material to take advantage of the extra space, while still keeping the comic meaningful to those who are reading it in one of the 'stingier' newspapers. Why do I bring this up? Because it seems to me that the HandEra 330's software graffiti area could turn out to be much like these throwaway comic panels. Developers may not want to totally re-design their apps to take advantage of more screen space, especially when the market for the 330 is uncertain. Take SeaHorse Software, for example. As one of the developers initially supporting the 330, they have updated their solitaire card games to take advantage of the software graffiti area. However, in nine out of the ten applications listed on the site, the extra space is only used to display the high scores list or game statistics:

    I'm not suggesting that no applications will make good use of the extra space -- you only have to look at QuickSheet and WordSmith to see some applications that work very well on the 330. However, I do think that the number and type of applications that will make good use of this space will be limited. Text-heavy apps like doc readers, e-mail programs and web browsers should make good use of the graffiti area space. However, graphics-heavy apps like most games may not, because of the added development cost of essentially supporting an additional screen size/resolution, plus the fact that the 330 doesn't have color (which might mean that photo album developers won't bother with supporting the extra screen space either).

    Perhaps this will change when/if more PalmOS devices move to a software graffiti area, but I think it would need the backing of Palm itself before it receives widespread support. This may be another issue for HandEra, if Palm decides to use a different method or different APIs to implement a software graffiti area.

    What do you think? Will there be many applications that make good use of the 330's s/w graffiti area?
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    You're dead-on about graphics-intensive games
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