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    I am shopping for a new handheld and have seriously been considering a handera 330, but I have been worried about 3rd party support for the screen. Another option for me is the Ipaq greyscale unit. I seems to me like it is a better-looking 330 with mp3 support and a faster processor. I know very little about ppc and have some questions

    the buzz here says ppc's are slower than palms, will the b/w screen make it run faster and have better battery life?

    How is the display on the Ipaq greyscale compared to a palm? Is the contrast same, better, or worse than a vdx? How about compared to the great screen on the edge I have seen in stores?

    Does the Ipaq need the sled in order to expand the memory? Is there a slot on board? 16mb ram 16mb flash seems like a lot, how does it compare to my 8mb ram 8mb flash vdx.

    Any other reasons not to buy the ipaq ppc greyscale (~$350) over the handera 330 (~$390 with rechargable battery)

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    The iPAQ 3100 series is not such a good value. You can get a similarly configured Jornada (except for the processor, but with color and a CF slot) for the same price, or for $50 more, you can get the EM-500 (color, overclockable, MMC slot).
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    To my mind, a black-and-white Pocket PC device makes very little sense. When I was looking at a replacement last year for my Palm III, I seriously considered going with a Pocket PC device. The biggest drawback was a lack of available software for the PPC OS. The biggest plus was color. I was still mulling it over when the Prism was announced, so I bought a Prism instead.
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    I don't know about the ipaqs, but the Vdx's have 8MB of "flash RAM" for your usage and 2MB of non-flash ROM, for storing the OS and the other built-in apps.

    I think the ipaq has more ROM to store their larger apps like Word, IE, WinCE itself, etc.

    I'm curious how well 16MB of RAM in an iPaq works versus 8MB in a Palm device. It's not as important now since there are various workarounds with memory cards, but...
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    I own an iPAQ and a Prism. I think the fair comparison in RAM should be 8 mb for the Palm OS vs. 32 mb for PPC. For a lot of PPC apps, you need substantial Program memory, which is part of the 16/32 mb total...some games require as much as 12 mb free program space to run correctly.

    In a 32 mb model, you really never run the risk of running out of Program memory to run all those apps.

    The funny thing is how big the best Palm OS apps are getting. Most great PIM apps are 300-500kb, and games are getting HUGE on the Palm OS....VRally is nearly 1 mb, itself.

    For the person up this thread who took back his/her PPC because of a lack of apps available for the platform, you better take another look now. Check out the PPC section of Handango...the list of incredibly useful apps for PPC is growing daily. Not to say it even rivals the Palm OS in volume, but it comes close when you talk about truly meaningful, useful, applications.

    That being said, I'd NEVER even think about getting the monochrome iPAQ. I've heard that it is much slower than the color version, even with the processors being the same (206 ARM), and the contrast is NOT equal to the best monochrome Palms/Visors....don't do it.
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    I agree with BNelson. Don't do the B&W iPaq. You will regret it. If your tight for money do what I did and get a Refurbished one. It works perfectly and you can hardly tell it was used before. The only thing missing is the pretty box and the Expansion Sleeve sticker thing. But who really cares.
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