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    I was in Office Max today and saw the new Kyocera Sprint PCS cell phone with PalmOS 3.2 (I think that's what the guy said). Anyway, they went on sale minutes before I got there, so they are brand new. The device looks sharp. It is sleek, not blocky like the pdQ. The screen is smaller than typical Palm screen, but not unusable. They wanted $499 for it, but you get a $100 Office Max gift certificate, with it. Keep an eye out
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    Just set one of these babies up for my boss. Very cool product! It has cell phone, Palm, voice recorder, voice activiation, & voice mail all built in. The OS is a modified version of 3.5. It comes with Eudora Mail and Eudora Web, all the normal Palm apps, Voice activiation training software & voice recorder software. What's really nice is that it's a wireless palm so that you can get online very easy. Of course this eats into your cell phone minutes, but it's still sweet. He bought his thru Verizon Wireless for $450, with 900 minutes @ $100/month PLUS 2000 FREE weekend/night minutes. One of the best deals I've seen. And with 2900 minutes that's alot of web browsing and cell phone activity.

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