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    whats the big difference between Vx and the 500, is it worth the difference in price?

    Has the 500 the same technology as the Vx or is it a new device with start up problems?

    Is it through that the 500 needs new programs, and you can't use programs for the Vx.
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    The big differences between the Vx and the m500 are ...

    The m500 has a new version of the OS (v4).

    The m500 uses a 33 Mhz processor (Vx uses 20 MHz).

    The m500 has SD and MMC expansion.

    The m500 won't work with any Vx peripherals.

    The m500 is slightly smaller - you won't notice it unless you hold them side-by-side.

    The m500 has a native USB interface for very fast HotSynchs. I think that they are faster than a HandSpring USB HotSynch.

    The m505 is new technology, but I have not heard of any major issues so far. If there are problems with the OS, you can flash a new one in to upgrade it.

    Virtually all software that runs on the Vx runs on the m500. I have not seen a single program fail, although I am sure that some will sometime. I suspect that you are hearing about incompatibilities with the SD/MMC memory expansion. Most software cannot find databases that are on expansion memory. This will be fixed as new versions are released. In the meantime, I have not seen a single program that could not be executed from the expansion memory. Actually, the software isn't run from the expansion memory, rather it is copied into system memory and executed. When it is finished, it is deleted from system memory, it's databases are left in system memory, and the next time that you run it, the program will be copied into system memory again and find the databases from the previous run.
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    Does adding a memory to the M500 M505 make the system memory larger i.e. from 8meg to say 32meg, or like other devices does it appear as remote storage like the Visor?
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    george -

    To answer your question regarding memory. I own a M505 and have a 64 MB MMC card plugged in. Basically, when you are in the launcher, in the upper right hand corner of the screen where you can change categories, in the pull down menu there will be a selection for the expansion card. Instead of a category like, Main, Games, or System, it will be whatever you name your card when you format it.

    You install apps onto the Palm and copy them to the card. You then delete them from the Palm and are able to access them on the card. I use it for games, PalmReader, and other apps that I rarely use.

    One of the best things about the M500 series is that it comes with a package called Photosuite. You can convert JPEG files and MPEG (other formats as well) to be viewed on your Palm. The conversion process is very easy and one of the options is to store on external memory card.

    It is fantastic. I currenly have 30+ Jpeg, and approx. 10 apps on my 64M card with approx 59M to spare. This thing is fantastic. I am so amazed with how well it works.

    I would recommend the M505 if you are thinking about it. The color is dimmed to preserve battery life, but if you put the backlight on, it is as vivid as ever. The batteries are very strong. I have been playing with this thing non-stop and have yet to see my battery level drop below 100%.

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