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    Are you saying that the iPhone does not have access to external memory like a memory card or stick slot?
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    Ive taken MobilityToday of my RSS feed. The bash WM to no end, but forgive the iPhone all its sins, all for a pretty (impractical) browser.
    I listened to the first half of the latest Mobility Today podcast (#91) this morning. They certainly mention a number of things other than the browser that they liked: (from memory) 'ease of use', 'overall user experience', screen ('best I've seen on a mobile device'), keyboard ('as fast as my Treo 750'), stability ('much more stable' than WM), and web apps.

    I've never listened to the podcast before and I don't remember going to the web site before yesterday but it seems that they're long-term WM users who are frustrated by (what they perceive to be) lack of innovation from Microsoft. I can't comment on any behind the scenes politics but they do say that they believe that the competition (for WM) which the iPhone provides is a good thing. To the extent that there's overlap (in market terms I believe it's far from complete), I agree with that.
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