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    Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC or Sony PEG-710c Clie?

    For those of you who have, or have used in your daily lives, the iPAQ and the new Clie 710, which would you suggest for my use? I dont believe many people have the Clie 710 yet, so maybe I'll have to wait for a detailed reply.

    I am a high school student, currently using a Palm IIIc with a GoType Pro keyboard. I've used my frends iPAQ before, and I'm impressed with its screen and just general "visual" effect. The graphics and text are much more crisp on his unit. Pictures are great! However, I'm disappointed in battery life, his iPAQ can rarely get him through one day of school. My palm can get me through 3 or 4 days no charge. If he plays mp3s, kiss the battery goodbye.

    Basically, I want to stick with PalmOS, but if the iPAQ would be a better value, I would go for it, the Clie and iPAQ are about the same price. (You can never find an iPAQ for $500!!!) I want to use it for school: taking notes, assignment tracking, games, english literature (e-books, ex: Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird), and I want to be able to play MP3s and view pictures in a reasonable format. My IIIc is terrible for pics. The Clie and PPCs seem to be the only handheld unit capable of that, other than having seperate dedicated devices. I want to be able to store a lot pictures of my friends as well, those small 2.5 x 3.5 inch pics gurls take at those picture places, hehe. Each one is usally around 70k or so... Thats pretty much it, I kinda stress the games, because I get bored in math and history what do you guys think? iPAQ or Clie? I kinda dont like the iPAQ because of the lack of educational software for PPC, my friend has no s/w to help him with school! terms of storage, which would be better and more economical? The memory sticks are expensive, but I've heard third party development could bring prices down. Otherwise...CF cards are pretty cheap, but I'd have to buy a CF sleeve...And can the iPAQ even play mp3s from the CF card directly?

    Anyways, I hope someone can help me out here, we'll see who gets their Clie 710 first! Thanks in advance!!

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    hmmm i think you want a clie but are looking for something to give you a kick up the arse in that direction!
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    I'd probably vote for the CLIE. That said, don't forget to consider the Prism. It doesn't have the resolution of the other two units, but photos look pretty decent nonetheless.
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    I dunno, from what I've read and seen, I really like the Clie, and generally I love Sony products. The iPAQ is impressive to me, but the PocketPC OS is not...thats really the thing I've got against it, I think PocketPC is just no where near as good as PalmOS. Although you can play Doom and Quake on PPC...

    I have some friends with the Visor Prism...but they've never loaded pictures on it, i'll ask them too... Although I am not at all impressed with the Prism, I cant tell the difference between the Prism and my IIIc...And I dont really like the form factor, bulky...but I do like the springboard and its potential...The iPAQ is awesome for pictures though...but like I said, I am not a fan of PPC...

    I dunno, I'll see, hoping someone can get their hands on the new Clie and get a review written, and test its 11 hours of mp3 playback! Thanks!

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    I am now adding into the mix the consideration of getting a Visor Prism. I want color, so that rules out all other visors. Then if I add a soundsgood module, thats brings it up to $600, about the same as the new Clie with a 64MB memory stick. As for pricing, the iPAQ would be about $650, the iPAQ and a 64MB CF card and the CF sleeve. What do you guys think?

    Which is and will be better for my uses? How long does the Prism battery last with the Soundsgood and the screen on? The Clie is suppose to get 3 hours. What if you turn the Prism's screen off, how long will it last? My friend's Prism doesnt last nearly as long as my IIIc, but thats probably because he puts his brightness at the highest level, I put it low. Anyways, Thanks in advance...Hope Sony ships those new Clie's soon...

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    I have a Visor Prism as well as these Springboards:

    Backup module
    8 MB Flash Module
    Eyemodule 1
    SoundsGood AudioPlayer

    I am very satisfied with the Prism. It's a rock solid performer. Battery life is great as long as you set it's brightness 25% or lower. If you want to use an mp3 player I would advise that you use the screen less to save power. With the screen off you could probably get 8 to 10 hours of audio. I use my SoundsGood every day on my commute to work.

    As far as seeing the difference between 8 and 16 bit graphics, the trick for 8 bit to look close to as good is dithering where as 16 bit will use less dithering. Download the "Handspring Photo Album" which has some good examples of 8 bit and 16 bit graphics.

    Graphics are better on the Prism than the Palm IIIc. The only Palm brand that has 16 bit is the upcoming Palm M505.

    The one drawback to the Visor Prism is the screen is hard to read outdoors, and I wouldn't mind the Palm M500/505 size/form factor. I love my Prism and I am holding out for a Color screen version of the Visor Edge or the new Clie (320x320 screen but only 8 bit graphics ) N700c.

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