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    Is the Visor being EOL'ed ? Looking at what Handspring is up to suggests that something new is going to be coming out in the next few months to replace the ageing brick that they call the visor. How do I know this . . .

    Initally there was a $50 rebate on the Visor Delux to stimulate sales, now this price reduction has been made permenant. Additionally they are now throwing in a $25 case to stimulate sales. The Platinum has similarly just been given a $50 rebate (good till June 17) at which point regular price will become $249 and it too will get a free case IF there are still a lot in stock. These are standard marketing stratagies for reducing inventory levels prior to the introduction of a new model. Handspring is also working with its favored partners to similarly reduce inventry of certain springboard modules with a $30 rebate.

    When will this new model be introduced and what will it be ?

    My best guess based on the June 17 date, is to expect an announcement at the New York PC World in June or July. The new product will have a similar, but thicker and perhaps longer form factor than the Edge. A new springboard module form factor will also be announced, that attaches to the Visor in a manner similarly to the slipper that is now required for the Edge to use existing Springboards. Look for products from Good and Blocks (EyeModule).

    Price and Specs:
    The new product will use the 33 mhz processor and 8 mb of ram with a price of $249 > $299 to place it between the $399 Palm 500 and $199 Palm 105

    Any remaining first generation Visors will be reduced from $199 to $174. The 2 mb version will remain at $149, but include a cradle.

    The Edge will be reved up to the next generation of processors - probably 66 mhz. Memory may also increase due to its current low price. Price will remain the same at $399.
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    I don't think they are about to change the standards for the springboard though. That would be suicide, putting them back in the position they were in when they started business.

    Otherwise your theory is very well thought out. Excellent dedutcive reasoning Mr Holmes....
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    Handspring is dropping its prices to compete against Palm. But later on this year, possibly before August (back to school season), I expect HS to release a color Visor Edge, and a "Palm VII killer". We may also see a radically new product, such as a SmartPhone or Internet Appliance.

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