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    Right I left out the Mogul bc while it has a newer OS and generally people seem "ok" with it, I think the lack of memory and what amounts to an incremental upgrade, don't really give any huge advantage. But if you dig that form-factor & like Sprint, it's really your only choice. The Kaiser is a substantive improvement, imo.

    The WM treo is technically 18 months old, which means it's very old. Hopefully a 800w will improve it.

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    Mala - yes, my comments on the 700wx package and kb were definitely OT. I digressed.

    I have come to the conclusion this week that I am not a "fan-boy" for the sake of new technology. I love to play and learn and ogle and ah, but in the end I don't really have time to make sure my phone is, well, a working phone. I have really noticed recently in all of the WM PDA forums I have been reading that those you hear the most from don't seem to really use the PDA as a phone (general observation and arguable to some, I will admit). I posted something to that effect elsewhere and I was surprised at how many people really didn't use the Mogul for CALLS. It is just what I guess it was made for to most owners - a mini-web connected-email-media-SMS device. And, oh, they can make a call or two with it if they have to.

    I am coming to the conclusion that (at least this week), WM devices need improvement in two critical areas for ME - better phone/PDA integration and better battery life.

    (Next week I reserve the right to change my mind)

    And oalvarez - I apologize for my somewhat challenging comments on your Mogul experience last week.
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    bubbatex, I agree about the forum and phone use.

    But I think those who use it just as a phone/email/PIM probably don't frequent forums, they're too busy not being worried.

    I also agree about the phone/os issue.

    WM Smarthphone has the tighest intergration, followed by the 700 (Palm added all sorts of great phone tricks) followed by general WM devices.

    Certainly there is room for improvement though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbatex View Post
    And oalvarez - I apologize for my somewhat challenging comments on your Mogul experience last week.
    hec, no offense taken and an apology is not necessary, but thank you nonetheless. i stand by what i say especially regarding my own opinions of the phones i have actually owned as opposed to those who simply try out a device at the store or use forum threads as fact.

    take good care
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    Hmmmm,,, so much to digest.

    I currently have a 700W and it's beginning to act up to the point where I want to exchange it. Now the question is,,,,what do I exchange it for? I need to have VZW since AT&T has poor signal at my house. The 700WX isn't much of an upgrade and I've heard radio reception and BT are just as bad as the 700w. Several of my colleagues have the BB 8830, but their needs are different than mine. I need a phone with great reception, great BT, and PDA funtionality. I've come to rely on PhoneAlarm and can't find a suitable alternative for BB. Anybody know of one? I need a device that has external media storage, preferably SD since my new laptop has a built-in SD reader. I currently use OneBridge for email, so it's a mute point.

    What's the latest on the 800w? As long as VZW takes to implement things, it will probably be outdated by the time they get it.
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    I've been thinking about switching the the 8830 on VZW. I've used a BB before and have two concerns.

    1. Email - I use chatter now and love the fact it keeps separate accounts separate plus I can use a different smtp server if i want for a message. That way it gets stored on the server (esp if I'm using gmail to send messages).

    Has BB changed this at all? Last time i used I believe it was all one inbox, and you could only do "reply to" addresses and not specify a smtp server.

    2. SMS - I love the way palm shows sms in a chat log.

    Does the BB do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benbradle View Post
    I have read that new blackberry has many feature you can say its a miini computer.
    The better way to spam us with your site is to actually post something useful - add to the thread and then put your crappy blog in your signature.

    BTW - If you are posting about a device, make sure your crappy blog actually says something about the device when someone clicks on the link. I don't see anything about an 8830 on your crappy blog - or BB for that matter.

    BTW 2 - I was not kidding when I said "crappy".
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    The best thing I read on this site was the Treo has become a hobby instead of a tool.
    I came from the Palm 105,Sony Clie, Treo 650, Treo 700p#1, Treo 700p#2.
    Now I learned a lot in getiing everything up and running on those devices so the BB made sense for the most part. I have had this thing for about 8 hours so I will have to come back after the learning curve has subsided.
    No real deal at the sprint store. I think the guy could see my pain. I just gave up No Mas. Give me the best deal you got. It worked out to $200 for the BB. I re upped for 2 years. I figure I can sell my 700 p for $200 at least.
    The plan DOES require the BB network for $39. But by the time I got rid of power vision and all the other ad on my plan was a wash. And supposedly I can use it as an air card w/ my laptop.
    The BB is completly different. I reached for the stylus a bunch of times. It will train me at some point. The sounds were much better. the screen is teriffic, the auto turn on when you remove it from the included holster is great. I'm struggling with the menus right now but it will just take some digging. The sync was quick and easy We will see how it goes. I'll get back to you.
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