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    I'm deciding to jump over to this phone from my current Treo 650 and would like to know if it is worth it. Its time to transition to something new and a more advanced device from my antiquated Treo. My biggest reasons to consider this device is Exchange support, WiFi, 2mb camera, sliding keyboard and overall case design. Does it have HSDPA? The only drawback is no touchscreen and not Pocket PC.
    Please offer your review and comments.

    I think therefore I am.... confused!!!
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    Its a 2G device with WIFI. Whats really nice about the device is its size (the same as a normal candy bar phone), the large screen and of course the sliding keyboard.

    If you do a lot of text entry I would not recommend this device however, due to the small size of the keys and slightly awkward usage. To me (who have never learned T9) it reassured me that text entry would be easy, despite the lack of a touch screen, but I never expected to type volumes, so it suited me fine.

    Smartphone OS is more about information retrieval than data entry. The pocket office included is incredibly cut down, and I did not really enjoy that.

    As I said, its a nice device for light use. Mine was very stable, even with 3rd party apps, and the OS is very usable, especially with the right today screen plug-ins. It felt fast enough also. It depends on your usage patterns whether it would be suitable to replace your Treo.

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    thanks for the reply. Is it fast enough to watch movie w/ TCPMP or play music in the background while surfing or use other apps? How is this also compare to the T-Mo Dash?
    I think therefore I am.... confused!!!
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    Its definitely fast enough for both of those, but with a 200mhz processor you need to keep your movie bitrate down.


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