I hope no one else has this problem but I have alerted Palm Tech support just in case:

After 3 different phone calls to tech support and one to Dell (new desktop computer) we discovered that the cradle that I received with my M505 was defective. The tech people ran me through about 3.5 hours of stuff before finally settling on a bad cradle.

Symptoms- synced once (partially) and then would not sync again. We unistalled and reinstalled and deleted the USB drivers for the Dell computer and allowed them to automatically reinstalled upon a reboot. System is a Pentium 4 with 1.4 processor and 4 USB ports (all were tried).

Palm tech was helpful but needless walked me through uninstall/reinstall about 3 times - once for each call all the time I informed them of known good USB ports because of my printer working in all 4 locations.

I'm not flaming Palm tech here - each time I went up the food chain and having been a former beta tester I knew that it might take 3 to for phone calls and reinstalls.

I hope no one else gets a bad cradle - we assumed cradle but replaced/returned the unit. Hats off to Office Depot for exchanging the unit and being so understanding about exchanging a defective unit.

Screen- well personally I like the screen but will not get too excited until I find out how well the battery will last as a result of having to use the side lighting some of the time but never outdoors.

One other tid bit - these units (m505) are made in Hungary! At least the two that I've played with have been.