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    I just bought the HTC S630 Cavalier. It looks like it has everything I can want in a Treo style form factor. I currently have the Treo 680, hopefully this device would be good enough to replace the 680.

    Does anyone know any reviews for this phone. I haven't found anything worth noting so far.

    More info on the S630:
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    Looks like smartphone edition instead ppc...

    me needs me touchscreen!
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    I didst even know it was released yet. Why not give us your own review?
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    yes, i'd love to hear a review as well....enjoy your new device!
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    This phone seems to be slightly longer and wider, but thinner and lighter than the 680.

    Seems to have all the functions you would ever want.

    I just hope I can get use to the Non touchscreen and JOGGR thingie. I played with a Cingular 8525 a while back, so I'm use to WM, but I consider myself a Palm guy. I really like my 680, but I need more functions. Ease of use is my number 1 requirement in a smartphone, I hope this is the one!

    I wish this is as good as it looks on paper. I will write a review after I receive the device.

    That link is great!
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    You know what, I think I'm going to cancel my order first thing in the morning. I can't really justify spending 600 bucks on this YET, I can imagine it would be pretty hard trying to sell a 600 dollar phone, if I end up not liking the phone.

    The 680 will have to last me until next month, when I sell my house for the S630!

    Meanwhile, hopefully more positive reviews will come. I'm chicken!

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