Depending on how much you want the other features you might want to give it more of a try.

One tip, don't backspace until you finish the word. I did this too and found the keyboard annoying. But the advice people give about trusting the error correction is true, it's been very accurate for me, it really does any incredible job of coming up with right word from something that looks like junk. But it doesn't do this until you finish the word.

Of course this doesn't work in urls, they are biggest pain to correct.

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Played with one for a couple of hours today. First impression: this is one SERIOUSLY COOL DEVICE. The screen is magnificent. The web browser is absolutely fun (especially expanding and shrinking the size by literally squeezing or spreading apart your fingers!). The smooth scrolling is UNBELIEVABLE. The device itself is the most aesthetically beautiful gadget I think I have laid eyes on. Overall: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

THAT BEING SAID, the reason I did not buy one is because the screen keyboard is absolutely unacceptable next to my "clunky" old 700p. Period. End of story. Believe me, I WANTED the iPhone keyboard to do it for me. But man, after two hours, no matter how proficient you get, it is just too easy to make mistakes and you are constantly backspacing.

Again, beautiful device. But now I know ANY device I own will have a full qwerty keyboard. Period. Just can't go back from the real keys.

Two more cents I just have to throw in: if at all possible, don't listen to a darn thing people say (not even me). Get your hands on the thing and find out for yourself if it works for you or not. I went in, drooled over it for a long time. When it finally wore off (and it never really completely wore off - it's too beautiful), the reality set in. No matter how fast I get typing on this thing, it will not be half the speed I get on a real thumboard.

Play with it yourself. It really is gorgeous.