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    I though the 8830 was only able to be used on Euro GSM, not US GSM network...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec View Post
    I though the 8830 was only able to be used on Euro GSM, not US GSM network...

    that is my understanding as well, but what if you are in an area with no sprint or verizon coverage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneklassy1 View Post
    I have to agree. There are many little things that the Treo has and functions it can do that can be taken for granted until you use another device. With the Sprint version of the 8830 being able to be totally unlocked to use any sim card/network though for me is great and made the deal.
    Let's be a bit more specific here, the 8830's GSM portion may be unlocked but it only works on non-U.S GSM networks, 900mhz and 1800mhz. In the U.S, we use GSM 850mhz and 1900mhz (Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile).

    You couldn't put in a SIM card in the 8830 and use it in the U.S or North America.

    But it is a good thing that it is unlocked, at least you have an unlocked phone for use overseas with any (prepaid) SIM card.
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    After having the 8830 for a few days now the differences are clear. As I said from the beginning, its intended use is primarily overseas and as a third cdma line in the US. It's late and I will write about it over the weekend.
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