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    I will miss this forum because honestly the knowledge and the information that I have received has been unbelieveable. However today I have purchased the IPhone and all I can say it's everything that I have, I wish the palm was a year ago. I thought I would never change carriers with sprint and I would be a palm user for life hower after testing out the IPHONE and activating I'm sold and gone. I just wanted to reflect on how important this forum was, and how I would have never been able to work through my problems with the treo without it.

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    You wish the Treo had taken off the keyboard and made everything screen tap? LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    You wish the Treo had taken off the keyboard and made everything screen tap? LOL
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    ...and removed cut & paste?
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    Now you can go join another forum and work through the issues of the iphone.

    **as posted in another thread on this forum... forget by who, but not my original find... I just happen to like the find**
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    The good thing about my switch to the Mogul is that I can still get help here and provide assistance myself, since its a WM phone like the 700w/wx and 750. With the iPhone, you are on a completely different OS.
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