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    I went to my local Office Depot m505, but they did have a m500 on display. I thought hmmm...I wonder how fast is the m500 with the 33mhz processor. So I took my platinum out and beamed benchmark 2.0 to the m500.

    To my astonishment the results came back to be only 153%!!

    Some reference:
    Palm IIIe/IIIxe= 100%
    Palm Vx= 112%
    visor delux= 145%
    visor platinum=204%

    The m500 with a 33mhz processor is only slightly faster than a visor delux with a 19mhz (or 16mhz?) processor? What's with that?
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    I'm sure OS 4.0 is causing the slow down, even though it adds little besides memory support. Likewise, 3.5 doesn't run very well on 16MHz Palms...which is why they clocked the chip at 20MHz when it was released. I think they should have clocked the VZ higher for 4.0 also.
    Matt Nichols

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