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    Any rumors of an iPhone-esque WM phone coming to Sprint any time soon? I'm ideally looking for something without a hard keyboard, a 3.5" or larger screen, and resolution (in widescreen mode) of 800 pixels across. Regarding resolution...does anyone know if resolutions higher than 640x480 are officially supported with WM6?

    I've found myself very attracted to the iPhone recently, and as some of you may know I developed (still in beta and hasn't been updated in eons) a virtual thumbboard app for Palm OS devices (originally written and optimized for the Tapwave Zodiac but also functional on the Palm TX and LifeDrive and others). I'm also a .NET developer (lots of past VBVBVB $experience$ $and$ $recently$ .$NET$ $experience$) $and$ $am$ $anxious$ $to$ $have$ $a$ $WM$ $platform$ $to$ $play$ $around$ $with$ $for$ $development$. $I$'$d$ $love$ $to$ $develop$ $a$ $virtual$ $thumbboard$ $app$ $for$ $a$ $WM6$ $device$ ($I$ $know$ $that$ $similar$ $apps$ $already$ $exist$ $but$ $I$ $have$ $specific$ $design$ $ideas$ $for$ $mine$).

    As for resolution...Jobs considers his iPhone as being capable of delivering "the real internet" but I think that a widescreen capable of only 480 pixels can't deliver that. You're either going to be zoomed out to show the full web page and can't read the text, or you're zoomed in and have to scroll right/left, or you do what WM and Palm OS devices have been doing and wrap the text and rescale the graphics (the best compromise for a low-res device, IMO). To do "the real web" right, you really need 800 pixels. Most desktop-optimized web sites fit within an 800-pixel wide screen without needing horizontal scrolling. Among my many hobbies/jobs I do web development and still don't develop websites for 1024-pixel-wide screens (and see no need for me to change that, for several reasons).

    So anyways...enough babbling...has there been any rumors of an 800-pixel-wide WM phone coming out...ever?
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    Well I already found some good news (I really should Google these things first before I ask questions)...WM6 officially supports 800x480 *and* there's even a phone in the works that will offer that resolution. The phone is the Toshiba G900. Unfortunately, it's a GSM phone and it's a Mogul-style slider with hard keyboard which, like the Mogul, has too much acreage on the front *not* being used by the display (i.e., D-Pad, buttons, etc.).

    I'd love to see a Sprint WVGA (that's what 800x480 is called) non-slider version of something like this.
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    Well there is rumors of the HTC Elf Touch coming to a CDMA carrier but now know which one is getting it.
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    That doesn't meet my requirements for a couple of reasons:

    - Resolution is weak (same old 240x320).
    - Physical screen size is too small (2.8"). Screen needs to be at least 3.5" to minimize typos with a virtual thumbboard.

    I also think it's got too much wasted space around the screen.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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