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    I live in Georgia and for the first time today I saw a television advertisement for the M500. OfficeDepot is airing a commercial strictly for the M500. You get a free 16MB SD Card when you buy from them. Not sure if anyone else is offering this, but I thought I would share. I think this is the first time I have ever seen anyone run an ad just to push a PDA. For some reason, I found this very interesting.
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    They are running the same ad here in Seattle. My guess is Palm wants to jump start sales to try and create some positive buzz for the unit after all the bad press they have been receiving.

    I played with an M500 today at a Franklin Covey store near my office downtown. Nice - screen is less green, maybe a little sharper than the Vx. Other than that, it seems like an incremental advance over the V series, nothing to get too excited about.

    One interesting tidbit - the clerk said Franklin Covey was going to start carrying Visor products, including Springboards, in the very near future. They have been distributing Palm hardware for ages, so it's nice to see HS getting into a new retail chain - particularly one so close to my office. Frankline Covey is pretty good about letting browsers play around with the toys. Now I can go play around with stuff I read about here at VC without driving all the way to the CompUSA.

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