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    I just spoke with one of HardEra's retail outlets and they expect a shipment of 20 units this week! I can't wait.
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    What retailers have you spoken with?

    HandEra's website says "end of may".
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    I spoke to a local KC retailer, KUMED Books. They are listed on HandEra's web site.

    HandEra is sticking to their end of May story. See the email that I received this morning:

    We are currently taking orders for the Handera 330. The product will not be shipping until the end of May sometime. If you wish to place an order please call the number below.

    Thank you,

    Tracy Adam
    Customer Service
    Handera, Inc.
    2859 104th St. Ste. H
    Des Moines, IA 50322

    Voice: (515) 252-7522 Ext. 546
    Fax: (515) 252-7525
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    Hmm, I am confused now.

    I atteneded the Chicago Palm Programmer User Group and this kid had a HandEra. He has a to be a beta tester if this thing isn't on the marketplace. I am sure that is the situation.

    So my next thought, how does one become a beta tester of that caliber? I mean, I have had scores of PDA's and done development on the side for CE 2.0 and PalmOS. After all, he was a college student and I am sure didn't have any kind of huge role in commercial mobile devices.
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    I was a Palm Beta tester until the IIIc came out last year and then Palm thanked me and said "no mas" because they were done developing.

    My guess is the kid that had one is either on some sort of electronic's program through his school or a relative of someone at Handera. He could have been one of the first owners of a TRG which is one reason why I was a Palm tester was because I bought one of the first Pilot's in Southern California and "registered" early.

    Send an email to the Tracy Adams and request that you be put on a beta tester wish list - you never know!
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