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    I love Palm OS, and have been contemplating getting a T680 but put off by all the battery life issue. So, now I am considering BB Curve.

    Basic apps that I need: phone, SMS, address book and calendar. No email current email requirement (I am trying to control my non-work hour work - and have been ignoring my company's request for me to get push email to my phone - but this is another issue ). So, email is not that critical at the moment. Wifi would be nice but I know that either phone doesn't provide.

    Many times I have to join conference call that lasts for 1-2 hours.

    Which phone should I get? Or should I wait and perhaps get rewarded with a workable Treo with wifi?

    BTW, I don't care for the form factors of other smartphones (Q, BJ, E62, etc - they are not as nice as Treo or BB Curve).

    Many many thanks.
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    Whilst I haven't used a Curve I have used an 8700, 8800 and currently use an 8100 which I'm very happy with.

    I upgraded from a Treo 650 to a 680 as soon as they were available here in the UK. Overall it was very stable but battery life was an issue. There are ways of resetting the battery which improved things for a lot of users but it didn't seem to do much for me. A quick search of the forum should bring up the method.

    I think the Curve would meet your requirement although the calendar is fairly basic. Don't get me wrong, it does the job but takes some getting used to coming from an application like Agendus.

    I will say that it would be rather a waste to use a blackberry without push email. If you only need PIM and SMS then perhaps you could look at the Symbian OS. Although I'm not a big fan of Nokia they do make some good Series 60 smartphones, some with Wifi which I think would also meet your needs. Also SE should soon be releasing a new UIQ device, the P1i (I think that's what it's called but check the SE site) which looks quite nice and if memory serves also has Wifi.

    There are lots of options out there but it depends what compromises you're willing to make.

    And to actually answer your question. I would choose the 680 over the Curve but only if I wasn't going to use the BB's push email. A little long winded but I hope it was somewhat helpful.
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    Many thanks heterodoxos for your feedback. I am not a fan of, Nokia is probably out. I'll check out the new SE.
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    I just got a Curve coming from a Treo 750 and 680 before that. I am very satisfied with the Curve and I think overall the Curve beats out the Treos. I say this because my main needs are BT, phone and overall stability. The Curve performs perfectly on all 3 points and beats out the Treo in 2 categories (BT and stability). Plus another added benefit to me was the Curve's keyboard is a little wider and flatter than the Treo's, which has been better for typing longer emails or SMSes.
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    If you don't want push email, I would skip the Blackberry. That is its raison d'etre. It does have better bluetooth than the Treo, OTOH the treo has a better built in address book and calender plus you can install third party calender/address book apps which are much better. In fact the third party app sitiuation is generally much better with the treo with the possible exception of java apps.
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    In response, here is a post I put up regarding the Curve on another post:

    I'd like to share some personal experience. I love my 650 but it's quite big and clunky nowadays. So I tested various phone and ended up taking a gamble on a Blackberry Curve. The Curve was soooo nice. The keyboard was the best I had ever used on a smartphone. It had a 2mp camera and was very thin, small and light. I had high hopes for that phone.

    After 4 days, I had to let it go The software just wasn't as intuitive. I found myself spending twice as much time getting the same stuff done. Ie for now I can press just one or two buttons and I'm instantly in my tasks screen, another click and I have a new task open etc.. In Blackberry I had to scroll through menus, re-sort lists and do a lot more steps just to get the same thing done.

    The ultimate phone would be a palm powered Blackberry Curve! Better yet add in a touch screen and you'd be on top of the world! The Curve has a great trackball type data entry device that simply blows away the Treos 5-way button.

    However in the end I had to revert back to my Brick. Now I bought a 680 to replace the 650 and find myself fighting with the battery drain issue even after updating the ROM and following various instructions to stop it. I'm back in glitchland, carrying a somewhat smaller brick, longing for a more intuitive Blackberry Curve....

    Man that Curve was soooo nice!

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