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    T-Mobile has the HTC Herald branded as the Wing.

    I checked this phone out tonight. It has a pretty nice form factor. But, the processor is 200 MHz. It was very laggy when switching from landscape to portrait.

    I was hoping for a nice change from the 650. But, I don't see anything out there that fits the bill just yet for me personally.
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    I haven't tried the Wing yet, but I have owned an MDA, its predecessor which has the same processor, for almost a year and a half. The MDA replaced a Treo 600, which I had used for a couple of years. I may not be a true power user, but I put reasonably heavy demands on the device for e-mail and data apps. While it is admittedly not lightning fast, it has been more than adequate. From what I have read and heard, the Wing is a nice upgrade in terms of form factor, WM6 etc. My only hesitation would be the lack of 3G. Edge is OK, but I am hoping to hold out with the MDA until T-Mo starts to roll out 3G and 3G phones. As far as leaving the Treo behind, I have never looked back and never missed the quality problems and reboots.

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