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    Hi folks,

    What do you think is technically the most interesting device (price doesn't matter so much)?

    Treo 750, UBiQUiO 503 or i-mate JAQ3?


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    Easy: Ubiquio by far. 128 MB RAM, 320x240 524 mHz processor, and the kicker: quad-band UMTS/HSUPA!!! It beats the 750's square resolution, too. I currently own a Treo 700w and have scheduled my contract to end so that I can get Cingular broadband with this badboy. In my opinion it kills the iPhone by far due to WM6's relative application flexibility.
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    The Ubiquio is simply gorgeous. If only sprint carried that baby we'd have little to ask for.

    Fantastic specs and solid form factor. Everything I wished Palm had the gonads to produce.

    I hear its GSM but I'd switch in less than a heartbeat on this one.

    Anyone know where we can purchase on of these beauties?
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    i've been dead set on the ubiquio for a while and have it preordered........but gradually, I'm starting to question the small 2'4'' screen (an actual step down from the 2'6'' treo's I used to own.
    I have a cingular 8525 (and love the larger screen)...and have been looking to get a 2nd exposed keyboard device, but am
    questioning the screen size...we'll see!

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