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    I searched--and although I know this must have been asked before--I couldn't find it. So, here goes.

    Given the ongoing frustrations with the 700p--and my unwillingness to shell out several hundred more dollars to Palm for the 755p, which is basically what the 700p should have been when I bought it a year ago--I'm seriously considering switching over to Blackberry. The Curve looks nice. I used Blackberries for years side by side with my Treos, and although they aren't as exciting, they are solid and do what they are supposed to do.

    So, how would I go about migrating the years worth of calendar events, contacts, tasks, etc that I have been carrying from Palm to Palm--spanning seven devices? What would I use as a desktop?

    When I used Blackberries in the past, it was always just for e-mail. I did everything else on the Treos.

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    If you have your contacts stored in outlook it will transfer over to the bb. If you are using a gsm phone then you can transfer the sim card contacts easily as well.

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