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    This is nothing more than a Nokia N800 with a keyboard and twice the size. I love my Nokia N800 but is on the verge of being too big to be practical. Reduce the size, increase the memory and cut the price and Palm might be into something.

    The design also reminds me of a Powerbook 100 without the trackball.
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    Methinks someone's post has lost its way...
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    I have the N800 and while I agree that at many times an external keyboard would be nice, the software keyboard on the N800 is quite solid.

    I wish that I could say that about all of the apps on there (I am not a programmer, so the Linux fun just isnt for me). But it has a heck of a lot of potential and can see it being a genre changing device pretty easily.

    I use mine with the Treo 680 pretty often, mainly for browsing and indepth RSS reading.
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    I'd have to agree. just checked out the n800. I love it.
    are there any doc viewers/editors for it?
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    Nevermind. i found a app that opens docs. Sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    Nevermind. i found a app that opens docs. Sweet.
    what might that app be? i am purchasing one of these over the weekend -so i wants to know
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    Right now I only use the build-in notepad in the n800 for 'cache' document writing. It's more than capable however I haven't found any easy way to sync the (html) documents. So basically right now I only use gmail as my main "document notepad".

    For a bit more advance editing I use abiword. However the current version doesn't support cut and paste (table and its content) between open docs, which was a major WTF moment for me when I found it out.
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    Sry I did post sooner. Just got back in town. I am selling my n800. I've been to busy with my e61-.

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