Ok - I've been reading all the back and forth on the Holy War between the PalmOS folks and the PPC folks. As a heavy business user, and as a tech who has to recommend to people which product to purchase, I have encountered the following attitude. "I DON'T CARE WHICH ONE, JUST SO LONG AS IT WORKS."

Most business users are *not* techheads, and don't care about the specs of what hardware and OS their PDA runs on - all they want is for it to seamlessly work with their office suite, their contact database software, and their email.

Since different companies use different products, sometimes the PPC is a better recommendation, and sometimes a PalmOS is a better buy. It also depends on money, and which product the corporate IT is *willing* to support. I think that we are losing sight of this reality. Most corporate IT shops still do not like hand held computers, and as a result most users have to conform to company policy. If the company says Palm, and you want a PPC, the company usually will not let you do it.

Whew! I shouldn't open this can of worms this early in the morning, but I figured this is a point that needs to be raised.

ObPalm comment: I happen to be very pleased with the features that have been put on the new Handera computer, and will probably be upgrading from my Visor Deluxe to buy one when they come out. The ultra clear screen, and *decent* backlight (Are you *listening* Handspring?) and a good DTMF quality speaker, and the ability for two different types of expansion, and the use of any generic Palm III accessory make it a wonderful buy for the non-color user. As a corporate IT geek, I *need* the CF access for database storage, and also for hardware - serial cards, scanner wands, hopefully a CF ethernet card, etc. The SD slot is a nice addition, but really adds little to the purchase value so far as I can see.


Tucson Sailors