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    The Sony is flimsy. There, I said it. It felt like it would break in my hands. While the screen DOES have a nice resolution, it's backlight remains, kraphe (as they say in Russia... ok, I made that up....)

    You my friend, have fallen to the victim of "Mr. Hands" , fear not dubya follower, it is a mere joke. This is VISORCENTRAL , not ILOVESONYANDTHEIROVERPRICEDKRAPPYPRODUCTLINECENTRAL .

    -Sony Hater, Palm Lover,
    Handspring Follower, Mac Loyalist.

    <b><font size=1 color=teal>"Sorry about the whole thing about losing your life savings, but that Palmpilot is property of Enron, so please give it back"
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    Just FWIW, I haven't read all the prev. posts, esp. the last pg. or 2...
    (Also, I'm many days late & dollars short, but I've been really bizzy, folks...)

    I just wanted to put in my $.02 that HandEra's done an incredible job of stepping up to the plate and hitting one right up to the wall -- maybe not over (which a color screen would obviously be), but def. past the warning track, since they made so many incredibly deft decisions in hitting the mark they were aiming at: Microdrive support, long batt. life, dual batt. options, soft Graffiti, etc., etc., etc.
    I'm sure w/the release of this model, they'll hugely increase their coffers, & seriously consider color when they're ready.
    Still, you've really fired off a massive blast that squarely steps you up to the plate at the Big Leagues, HandEra -- a quantum leap from the TRG Pro, which itself became the stuff of legend due to its amazing reliability & your reportedly outstanding support.

    (Just FWIW, this doesn't nec. mean I'm telling everyone to go out & buy one, abandon HS, Palm, Sony or ANYTHING -- I just wanted to post something that gives these guys their due.)
    "Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds." -- Albert Einstein
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    I spoke to a local HandEra retailer and he said that they are expecting a shipment of 20 units this week! I can't wait. The HandEra has the richest out-of-the-box feature set of ANY Palm OS unit today.
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    What retailer? Do you have a list of retailers?
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    HandEra has a list of retailers/outlets on their site.

    I called a local medical bookstore: KUMED Books. I called them today, but they still don't have them in. I'll let everyone know when they arrive.
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    ZDNet gives HandEra 330 the eWEEK Labs Analyst's Choice designation:,00.html
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    Landware just informed me that they are "looking into" supporting the HandEra 330 units hi-res fonts, and landscape mode in PQ2.

    Here is a list of developers that already support the HE330:

    LandWares email reply:

    Thank you for your interest in LandWare. Yes, we are looking into supporting this new & exciting device in our next release of Pocket Quicken.

    LandWare, Inc.
    Technical Support
    Voice: 201 261 7944
    Fax: 201 261 7949

    At 08:24 AM 5/3/2001 -0500, you wrote:
    Does Landware intend to build support for the new HandEra 330 Palm unit into PQ 2.0? The HandEra units hi-res fonts, and landscape mode would seem a perfect fit for PQ 2.0. I noticed that Bluenomad has already built support into their WordSmith and QuickBudget software and was wondering if you were going to as well. Any update on the release date of PQ2?

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    I sent an email to the BugMe folks and asked if they were supporting the Handera and they sent back an unexcited response at first. I then sent an email to handera and someone there actually downloaded and tried the app to see if it would work then replied within hours (says a lot of good about their support). They said it works in windowed mode (too tiny to be useful) and I sent that info to the BugMe folks.

    They replied within hours the following:
    "Thanks for the email.
    the handera issue is one we are looking at now, and thanks for the info from
    handera- that is interesting"

    I cant wait to get a Handera, especially if I can use BugMe in full screen without the grafitti area. Kinda cool that the little guy is getting a lot of notice from big software providers like BugMe, Landware, and QuickOffice.
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    Hopefully the HandEra development contest will convince some developers to modify their product to work with the HandEra features.

    I've sent several emails to developes in hopes that they would look into HandEra's features. I guess we'll have to wait until HandEra is running with the big dogs like HandSpring.


    It works on TRG/Handera however it doesn't know how to run databases
    from CF (and if used with AutoCF it might even crash, see:
    We're working on adding support for TRG's CF.

    Support other HandEra features is low on our list (we would like to have
    those but other things will get higher priority).


    Yon Derek


    Olive Tree:

    It is something that we are considering but have not made a commitment as yet. Thanks for your suggestion.


    Kim Anderson


    It's freeware, and I don't have a HandEra 330. So no, not until there is a software emulator for it, or not until the POSE supports it.


    Thank you for your interest in our Bible software.

    As technology advances you can be sure that MyBible will advance right along with it but it does take time. If you are a registered user of our software and the email address information is accurate in your account, you'll be among the first to know of upgrades and new products that become available.

    If you are not currently a registered user of our software then I'd like to encourage you to sign up for our email list. Or, check back on our website occasionally for any *NEW* information about our products.

    Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Patty B.

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    Every developer will be on board once this unit starts flying off the shelves.
    "That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you...."
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    Someone over at PDABuzz reports already receiving their HandEra 330. PDABuzz has a TRG/HandEra forum that really has HandEra's ear (almost typed HandEar). They have had a couple of HandEra employee's drop in for comments, and major HandEra vendors. Good forum.

    I spoke to KUMEDbooks yesterday, but still no joy. They say that they expect their 20 330's "any day". I guess I'll just keep callin'.
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    KUMED books reports a shipment of ten HE330's sent from HandEra to them yesterday! They expect them to arrive in KC either today or Monday. They already have their eval unit. The HE330's are on their way!
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