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    I have the 750v and kind of like it. However, we all know about some of the problems it has. Its nice that its a 3G phone, however, we do not have 3G here yet and I have no idea when it will be rolled out here (Its available in parts of Toronto)

    I saw a friend with the S621 and I like the slimness of the device as well as the WiFi. I know that its not touch screen and Edge only.

    So, lets hear what TC folks think.
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    I bought an HTC s620 about 6 months ago, thinking that Rogerd would be very late in getting this phone (they've since launched it in Canada sooner than I expected).

    My phones system software is branded with HTC green (gross), and I want to know if I can load Rogers software onto this devise instead. Can anyone tell me? I don't really understand what is burned into ROM and what is changeable.... Thanks.
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    I had the Dash and went back to the Treo. The Dash had good battery life (assuming you don't turn on wifi!) and is nice and tiny. But I missed the touchscreen and I also felt like a second-class citizen in the way that the Smartphone OS dealt with PIM data, categories, etc. I have the 700wx as my day-to-day phone now.
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    3 years of one-handed usage on Palm's very evolved platforms allowed me to take to my Q with ease, Touchscreen was not missed.

    I guess I'm not a category/PIM junky because I've experienced no shortcomings with PIM, all the same to me really.

    The difference in thickness and weight really do make a difference. And the screens on these things are a lot clearer, brighter and sharper than the one on the 700wx. It doesn't hurt to try it out as Tasty did.

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