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    Anybody have any first hand experience of using this smartphone? It's one of many options I'm looking at as an upgrade from my Treo 650...
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    I bought one unlocked last August when it was first released. It was very buggy at the time but subsequent firmware upgrades have improved things.

    The browser is excellent as is having WiFi.

    I used the device to download podcasts over 3G when I moved house and didn't have broadband. After two years or so with the 650 and GPRS I was really impressed.

    In the end it came down to not being able to sync or update firmware with my Mac. I went back to the 650 until the 680 came out.

    I now use it as a web browser around the house connecting to my WiFi network.

    There is a lot to like about the phone but be prepared for a complete change from the Palm OS.

    Going off topic a little. I got a blackberry pearl last week and I couldn't be happier. If you can get used to the SureType keyboard it is seriously worth thinking about.

    If I haven't put you off and you're still interested in the P990. I am thinking of selling mine......
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    One of the things to do when one is not familiar of the item he's interested in buying is to read reviews - both expert and user. This will greatly help in making you aware of the important characteristics of the product. I found this site as I was researching on digital cameras and it happens that it has cellphones as well: . Hope it helps.
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    very nice phone. wifi, nice camera setup. attractive upgrade to the 650.

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