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    I have had this phone for a couple weeks so I thought I would give my fellow TCers my mini review.

    form factor and build quality: A
    Small and light! Feels great on my hand; plastic a bit cheap.

    build in software: B
    Solid multi-tasking OS; decent photo editing app and dictionary; very good Chinese hand writing recognition.

    Ergonomic: C
    Up/Down on upper left side and left/right on lower bottom? What kind of hands do Sony engineers have?

    Music/A2DP: C
    Piping music to BT is easy but resuming is hellish experience. it works one out of 3 to 4 times. You need to press 4 soft buttons to turn on and off shuffle.

    Sony desktop software: D
    Sync software doesn't work on my default XP install, works on a flash installed XP. Yet the firmware update software still doesn't work.

    Third party software: C/B
    B for casual users but C for the geeky PDA users. I had no idea even for UQI (Sony version of Symbian, which is incompetible to the Nokia phones) there are different versions. The M600 is the first UIQ3 phone and alot of software are not ported yet.

    I couldn't express why I didn't like Symbian third party support until I actually own one. Compare to PalmOS, it's missing alot of "scratch an itch" apps. For example, in POS, you can get an app that play and pause the mp3 player when you press the button on your wired earphone; you get an app that change lower case to upper case when you hold the key for a bit longer; totally micro sized app that you didn't know you need until you have used them. UIQ to me in general is missing alot of those apps.

    However I get TomTom6 working so I am not complaining.

    bang for your buck: B
    I only paid $220 for it. It's better than other $200-ish phone IMO.

    Overall value: B/C
    B if you can get your native version in your country; C for American who have to use the Asian version. As far as I know there is no way to unflash the Chinese firmware and put in a regular English handwriting recognition system. Plus there is no edge. I consider it a very good oversea phone. A decent multimedia phone but not much of a PDA phone if you want to use it in the U.S.
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    Can I post pictures in this forum?

    edit: ok here it goes

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    Yes I have done it and have seen it done.

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