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    I was able to get it to run, but the font is very small. I'm looking into trying to fix it. Here's some sceenshots:
    Jimmie Geddes
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    good job jimmy.
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    Thanks Cody, I just can't figure out how to make the font bigger. Even seetin g the fonts in WM to large, it still stays small in the Palm SMS thread. Hopefully I'll figure something out.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Does the back/OK button close the chat window on the Dash? On the Q the back button just backspaces so we can't leave the current chat view without closing the entire app.

    PS: we also can't send with it so it's all moot regardless, but I'd love to know if your back button is coded differently than the Q's
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    you have to end task to get back to your inbox, just like before. I have task manager set to speed dial so it takes a second. I am sending and receiving with no probs.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Any chance the threaded sms can work on the S720/VOX?
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    I'm going to be the n00b and ask the obvious. What threaded SMS app is that and how did you get it to run. I have been trying like mad since I upgraded my WM5 dash to WM6. Since then, the apps I've tried (TrianglePower's and TXTMan) start up and function pretty well with the exception that they won't catch any incoming messages. Both apps worked flawlessly under WM5, but since the upgrade, any incoming messages seem to bypass the software (yes, they're open and running) and go straight to the native WM6/Dash sms app.

    Any ideas?

    I sent you a PM. Perhaps you could PM me the details on what software your running and how it's able to run correctly?

    With the need for a good threaded SMS app, I'm suprised no one has made a well-featured pay-ware version yet.

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    Unfortunately, I was unable to successfully get the sms threader .cab to work on my 8525. They recently came up with a ROM upgrade and when I install the .cab, soft reset, all of a sudden when it comes back on, it 1. loses any signal and 2. if I try to make a call which would be done by pressing the green phone soft key to bring up the dialer, I get an error message, something to the effect that some file is not a valid WM extension, or something like that.

    ANNOYING! Anyway, I get rid of it by hard resetting and I get my signal and ability to make a call back.

    I try to be patient, but I wish I could downgrade back to the old ROM.

    edit** I should add that the sms threading worked like a charm BEFORE the ROM upgrade suggested by HTC/AT&T. Oh well.
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    I dunno if this will help or not but check the XDA-developer forums to see how they maybe able to help you get the threaded SMS to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodycape77 View Post
    I dunno if this will help or not but check the XDA-developer forums to see how they maybe able to help you get the threaded SMS to work.
    Thanks. I've been looking around there and found someone who had the sms cab but it may just be the same one from here by Cody. I am hesitant to hard reset my 8525 and then try it out, but maybe when I have more time I will, cuz I do text a lot.

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