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    Anyone tried PalmOS 4.0 on the PalmOS emulator?
    After playing with it some time i noticed some small changes, which might be unimportant but also interesting:

    First, the Startup screen (with 16bit "Palm" icon) gets brighter after 1 or 2 seconds. I've done a soft reset several times, and every time while starting the screen gets a bit darker, then brighter again. Besides, images, for example in FireViewer, look brighter than with the Visor Prism's ROM.
    Maybe Palm's new OS is optimized for this dim m505 screen?

    Next thing: The title bars and frame borders are violet now (instead of blue in 3.5).

    Compatibility: Well, i was really surprised. Unlike Palm's second newest device, the m10x, almost every application i've tried ran without problems. Only "Little Angel" caused the emulator to do a soft reset.

    Has anyone tried the new OS on emulator already, too?
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    This might just be the emulator, they tend to be perticularly un reliable...

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    Does anyone know where i can Download the OS4 Rom..I would like to test it out since i might upgrade from my VPL to a M500....thanks
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    If you join the "Palm Alliance" (sounds scary huh) you can get OS4.0 development stuff, and presumably ROMs. Check it out at
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    Or you search for warez sites . But we don't want to do illegal things, so we register for the Developers' community.

    By the way: On Sony Japan's websites are informations (translated by elingo) about a n700c emulator with ROM and high res capability. But where is this thing available without registering? Or is anyone here who understands Japanese?
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    I've been screwing around on the release ROM for the M505 for a couple of weeks with POSE 3.1. I don't see the violet title bars or the brightness change on reset. Things look that same except for the Palm Powered logo and the changes to the Prefs that come up after restarting. The clock looks the same as the M100 (except that it's in color).

    The coolest thing is to download the HostFS program from PalmOS. This will let you set up a directory structure on your computer that will emulate expansion memory on the emulator. You can't use the M505 CardInfo app, since that is SD/MMC specific. Just use the launcher. There is a menu choice to let you copy programs to the expansion memory. You can also get information and delete programs using the appropriate menu choices. There will be a also be a category for the expansion memory.

    Pretty cool. Using an add-in program like this also lets you see how OEMs can easily add support for their versions of expansion memory.

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