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    Background. Former Treo 600 (liked phone, didn't like Sprint where I lived).

    Used a Dell X50v for nearly 2 years, purchased LG CU500 last summer before the Treo 750 came out on Cingular.

    Dell just died, putting me in withdrawal since I can't check email now away from home, nor light web browsing in idle times.

    I do like the CU500, and it supports HSPDA. It appears that you have to do unofficial hacks to get HSPDA support with the Treo.

    It appears I could just buy a Palm TX for around $270, and tether it via bluetooth with my existing phone. This is the cheapest, lowest risk option, since I am comfortable with either Windows and Palm on handhelds, after a brief period of readjustment. Downside, still have to carry 2 devices. Also, I can remain out of contract with Cingular, and avoid the risk of losing my existing $20 grandfathered Media Works plan. Also, I have some accessories for this phone, and since I paid above retail for the phone, I would not be rewarding Cingular with another phone purchase in the short term.

    The other option is buying the Treo 750. More recent experience with WM, and be able to carry just one device. Plus, having an integrated system should mean I would not normally have to worry about bluetooth. The lack of WiFi isn't a significant issue to me, since I hardly ever use WiFi on my broken PDA. The downside is a minimum of $400 to buy it through Cingular (after $100 rebate), and the risk that even if I indicate on that I don't want to change my plan that I may end up losing my current data plan in favor of the PDA plan for $20 more. Also, my recent experience with phones and PDAs is that it may not last the 2 years of my contract

    At least both options are with Palm.
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    The 750 is a great phone. I have one (unlocked and unbranded) on T-Mobile USA that I use internationally (with prepaid SIMs mostly, but I have the T-Mobile SIM for data on the 750 and because T-Mobile's international roaming rates are better than Sprint's. The Sprint SIM mostly stays in my wallet.

    If you've moved or if Sprint has improved its coverage where you are, you might think about the 700wx or you might wait for the 755p. I have the 700wx as my primary day-to-day phone. It is nearly as good as the 750. It's slightly larger and heavier, and I had to install various hacks to bring it up to the 750's performance (e.g., threaded SMS). The 750's Voice Command supports me barking into my bluetooth headset; the 700wx's Voice Command doesn't.

    The Sprint SERO plans are tremendous deals, and if you chart it out over 24 months you will save a TON over the exhorbitant rates charged by the New AT&T (cue The Who, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss").

    I'm paying $100/month for 2,500 minutes and unlimited data. When I checked Cingular, well, I forget, but it was more money for less.

    Don't get the TX. One device in your pocket. Alternate theory: single point of failure.
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    HSDPA actually has a higher bandwidth than bluetooth 1.2, meaning the bluetooth connection between your phone and your PDA will actually be the bottle-neck, vs the actual WAN connection itself. This would be detrimental if you are downloading a podcast for example or streaming video such as SlingBox.

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    I live in a smaller market that no phone company currently offers 3G, nor have I heard any projections for 3G from any vendor.

    If I heard, for example, that Sprint would offer 3G in a year here, and if they had placed a tower closer to my home, I would just buy the TX and wait out the year.

    Right now I'm getting by with a phone bill of about $53 after taxes, with Media Works for $20, and the 250 minute $30 plan for voice. When I had Sprint, it was about the same price, since it was $35 for 300? minutes, and $15 for data.

    I saw a report on another site that, to get the 750 via Cingular, to get the $100 rebate to knock the price down to $400, it requires a data plan of at least $39.99. So i would either have to buy it without the rebate, or get it on eBay.
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    Since you are not in a 3g area, why not buy an unlocked GSM 650 on eBay?
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 700wx -> Mogul -> Touch Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    Since you are not in a 3g area, why not buy an unlocked GSM 650 on eBay?
    I visit a 3G area monthly, and use it for the internet with my laptop for the weekend. And for occasional vacations like San Diego last fall, and Las Vegas in January. Cheaper than $10/day for WiFi in some hotels.
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    Further update.

    I am beginning to lean towards the Treo now. I learned today that I am apparently eligible for Cingular Premier discounts, though having an Army email account (though I am not in the army). So, I can get the 750 for $454. All I have to do is upgrade to the PDA plan. The combination of voice and data should only go up by about $15/month over what I'm paying now, and I don't have to worry that it will come back and haunt me that I'm using a PDA phone without a PDA data plan.
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    You can get a TX cheaper than 270. But I would still get a Treo for the size advantage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    You can get a TX cheaper than 270. But I would still get a Treo for the size advantage.
    I had seen the TX for arount 260 cheapest, but knew someone several months ago who bought it for closer to $200 on sale.

    The fact I haven't seen it for a good price recently kind of push me towards the Treo, as well as finding out I qualified for a Premier account. Just signed up for the Treo today, $354 for the phone, $64/month + tax for the 450 minute plan and PDA plan. For just the $15/month more per month than I was paying, I just went with the correct plan for my phone. And $10/month of that gives me M2M, and Rollover, so should be no more worries about going over my plan minutes.

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