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    I've had Treo's since the 280 - 650, but now I've decided to widen my horizons. Can anybody give me recommendation on a new phone based on my needs:

    -Verizon service

    -I use windows outlook for all of my Contacts and Schedule on the computer, but I don't care whether i have a Windows OS, Palm OS or whatever - as long as it works well, is intuitive to use and has good games. Currently I use PocketMirror to sync.

    -I heavily use my datebk 5 and contacts so I would like a calendar program of similar quality. I could not function without alarms on my calendar!

    -E-mail is not important but I would use it if it were easier to use than it is on my 650. I need to text message and IM. Keyboard is important - accessing the internet is not important.

    -I would like a better bluetooth than the 650 has- I use bluetooth with my Lexus and sometimes an earphone and would like to use it with my Vaio.

    -Would like a good camera. I have an ipod, so I don't need to play music.

    If you think I should stick with Treo, what should I get 700 wx, p or w or should I wait until the 750 comes out? Any opinions would be appreciated - I feel clueless on how to proceed.
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    Only you can decide. However in my opinion the best Verizon device for bluetooth is the Motorola Q. They've made huge improvements in the firmware updates for this. I've gotten rid of my Treos and the Q is fantastic for bluetooth. Everything I've tried it with has worked great including headset, laptop, and car (BMW). In addition the automatic profiles feature is great, it can switch settings based on your calendar, when connected to a headset, and when connected to a car. The Agenda One program from DeveloperOne is a great calendar program and works better on it than it did on the Treo 750.

    So, only you can determine your priorites. But if bluetooth is important, there are devices out there that are ALOT better than any Treo so far.
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