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    Does anyone know when Sony will release CLIE PEG-N700C in US? CLIE PEG-N700C is the newest 320 x 320 color PDA from Sony. I'm having Handspring Prism, but wanna replace it w/ Sony CLIE PEG-N700C. The following link has 5 pages description w/ picture about Sony CLIE PEG-N700C (SORRY, IT's in JAPANESE)
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    I have read on some other boards that Sony will be releasing the new Clie as early as May 1, 2001. It may seem unreal, but stranger things have happened with new product releases.

    On a related note. I recently returned my Clie monochrome and purchased a Prism. I had the Clie for 3 months and I had nothing but trouble with it. I was unable to Hotsync at lease every other day and Sony Customer Service and Tech Support was/is non-existent. They screwed me out of the $50.00 rebate and the free leather case (marketing ploy) really sucks (velcro attachment). Additonally, Sony did not release any of the accessories in the U.S. that they offered to the Japanese market.

    Any way, I am really happy with my Prism. Good Luck.

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