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    curious as to people's thoughts/opinions on this phone:

    anyone used it or seen it?


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    Let me just say first, I have never actually used one of these.

    If I was considering purchasing one though, and time wasn't an issue, I'd wait and see how much the Samsung is going to be.
    Matt Nichols
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    I played around with one at a Verizon store, and it was pretty darn slick. For someone who doesn't already own a palm OR a phone, I think it's a great combo. Of course, I'm not sure how big the market is for people who want both but don't already have one. It's only about $100 more than a palm Vx when you get it with a new service plan. The unit I played with was very solid, surprisingly light and not as wide as I expected (they did shrink the screen down a bit like the m100 series). I don't really like the flip keypad myself, though -- it kind of gets in the way when opened up...I think the kyocera way of just drawing the buttons on the screen is better (plus the soft graffiti area you can hide is just awesome).

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