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    See this article at Fortune.COM ---
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    Looked like a good objective comparison (what a refreshing change). As far as the comparison itself, I would say that the article was a toss-up.

    I still think that I won't know which one is better until I can hold my Visor Edge up to my M505 and compare therm myself. Even then, I expect a lot of people to disagree with my opinions. That's OK too. A PDA is too much of a subjective, personal choice to ever make categoric right/wrong statements. However, like and dislike statements are absolutely fair game (as this board proves hundreds of times a day ).
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    Agree. We have to wait and see. The important thing is whichever you choose it must fit your personal needs/style. If we only follow the trend without addressing our needs...we ignore the essence of havin a PDA.

    Can't wait till May
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    I think he preffered the m505, really he should have been comparing the greyscale version to the Edge (I think m500?)

    His statement about how Palm will have tons of modules by the end of the year doesn't exactly hold up. No matter if its SD or Springboard, the module still has to be designed for the Palm to conform to its physical/software specifications. Toshiba & Panasonic may support it but who says they're supporting hardware modules like the Springboard? These are companies whos main focuses are devices (Like cameras & MP3 players) that use SD and memory for these devices. I doubt we're going to see them come out with modem, wireless, or mp3 players module to add-on to their own devices.

    Anyways, it seems like Palm's main goal is to add things through the USB port anyhow. The new kodak camera still does, because it needs the SD port for memory (As many modules will).
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    Actually I prefer memory expansion to be separate from device expansion. Usually as soon as you add a device you need more memory. With separate interfaces it is a much simpler matter.

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    This review COULD have been completed without a unit in hand. Claims not withstanding. His description of the screen technology for M505 is, if not flat wrong, uninformed. Maybe it's getting technical but that unit does not have a backlight. And the claim that it is marginally acceptable with the backlight suggests he didn't have one. I dunno, I just get the impression Fortune reviewed marketing material, not units.
    And, is the reviewer interested in the Palm community at all. The biggest -- bar noe -- controversy surrounding the 505 is the image quality. Guess the review could have been prepped before that was known but, well, heh nice review but HOW's THAT SCREEN! What's the icon for "waiting impatiently?"
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    Actually, M505 does have a backlight, but you can turn in on and off. Supposedly this makes it easier to see whether youre outside or indoors.
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    Originally posted by sanchan
    This review COULD have been completed without a unit in hand...I just get the impression Fortune reviewed marketing material, not units.
    I agree! I feel like the guy barely touched the devices, despite his claims. Maybe he got a demo in a store, at most. He didn't discuss any personal experiences, things he particularly liked, disliked, or were surprised by, installing 3rd party software, comparisons with the older models, how convenient the memory expansion options are, and of course the m505 screen.
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    Could it be possible that the reviewer only "play" with the two units at the CeBit Fair last week? I have to agree w/ some of you that SD may not be as popular/user-friendly as Palm hopes.

    With the lack of information (and overflow of rumors), we are not at a stage where we can put a fair assessment on either units.
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    Originally posted by b1lanceman
    Actually, M505 does have a backlight
    I thought it had a sidelight because it has a reflective display.
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    Originally posted by Segullah
    With the lack of information (and overflow of rumors), we are not at a stage where we can put a fair assessment on either units.
    We're not at a stage where we can put a final assessment on the m505, but we can with the Edge. I finally saw the Edge at Staples last night, and despite the fact that I fully expected to like it, I was completely underwhelmed. The battery was drained, so I wasn't able to look at the screen, but the physical construction of the unit looked and felt cheap -- especially at $399 -- compared to the Palm V series.

    The color saturation on the m505's screen, by several accounts, is supposed to be too dull to really qualify as "vibrant." We'll know for sure when it's shipping. But as long as the m50x retains the form and quality of the rest of the V series, I already prefer it to the Edge. At this stage, having seen the Edge, I know that I might pay $400-450 for the Palm; I know I wouldn't pay $399 for the Edge.
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70
    At this stage, having seen the Edge, I know that I might pay $400-450 for the Palm; I know I wouldn't pay $399 for the Edge.
    After reading so many complaints regarding glitches and failures, I finally buckled and called Handspring to order a return/refund. It's a good thing I didn't cancel the order for the M505!

    As for the Edge being cheap...I can't entirely disagree. The plastic lip did detract from the overall styling, but what I found most annoying was the stylus and the flip lid. The stylus was simply awful! It was, at times, unwieldy and awkward to write with, and the odd shape detracts from the look of the Edge when connected. The black plastic tip is angled and recessed into the nub of the stylus, meaning you can't see the tip of the stylus as you write with it. On several occasions I actually found myself using it upside down!

    But the lid also became a growing annoyance. Since it doesn't fold all the way back, like the M100, it remains fixed at the same position as the Palm III. The problem is the plastic hinge isn't that strong, so ultimately the lid will relax and "wobble" back and forth slightly. It's not a problem..but it is annoying. Another problem I found with it was the method it uses to attach itself to the chassis...a plastic clip! It snaps in fairly tight...but it pulls out way too easy. I have a feeling that over time the lid will inadvertently pop off a lot! That I don't like.

    Then there is issue of functionality. The Edge really doesn't offer any features you can't get with other (cheaper) Palm based devices. This is growing into a serious issue for the Palm platform in general, which doesn't seem to be moving forward. Even the upcoming M505, while offering a color display, isn't exactly what I would call revolutionary. But it does offer something I have wanted for a great long time; a color screen in the form factor of a Palm V. I just hope it doesn't end of with the same dust problem as the Compaq iPAQ.

    Overall, I still like the Edge. And I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a stylish PDA. And regardless of whether you may like it or not, credit must be given to Handspring for delivering a truly original and elegant design. My worst fear was that HS would simply create a Palm V clone. But the Edge has a design characteristic all its own. It doesn't look anything like the M500 series, and that may be a positive attribute. But I had hoped HS would try to break new ground by competing against Palm on high-end pricing, just as they did with the Visor Deluxe vs. Palm III. That still may happen.
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    About the "light:" the M505 is not backlit, it is front-lit, either from the side or bottom. I guess that's kind of technical but it's pretty important to note the screen is not described by either Palm, PDA sites, reviewers or anyone else as "backlit."
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    I personally think adding a device to the Universal connector stupid. I'd like to see you attach a wireless modem to it and use a Stowaway at the same time. I think you are going to see a lot of devices attach to the connector on the the Kodak...which will make the whole argument about the Springboard sled on the Edge silly. I mean the Kodak radically changes the form factor of the whole device...and when you hold it in your are touching the lens. You can't set it down to take a timed shot without it tipping over.

    I think what we are seeing is a hint that devices that would run off the SD slot...aren't all they are hyped up to be. So far where are they...a bunch of prototypes...that no one has tested? Palm is really talking up that bottom port...seems a little creepy. We know they work great for storage and media...but no one yet has shown us a working SD device that works as well as the Springboard...and no tiny SD device will have any room to store its own batteries so it doesn't kill your rechargable. mention adding devices and then needing more memory for them. I have it on good authority (hopefully I can break it soon) that there are some modules coming out with slots for different types of memory you could add a module to your device (camera, wireless, etc)...that also works as a storage device. I think by the time Palm starts shipping modules...there will probably be over 100 different Springboard devices...I am interested to see how this will all shake out.
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