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    Take a look. I personally like this idea as often times the form factor is the number one issue between users deciding what phone to get:

    I-mate brought out five new phones all with the same internal specifications but in different form factors. From top to bottom:
    • Ultimate 5150 Slider: With 2.8-inch screen at 19.5 mm thick
    • Ultimate 6150 Super Screen: Also with 2.8-inch screen at 15.7 mm thick
    • Ultimate 7150 PC Tablet: With 3.8-inch internal display (2.2-inch OLED external) at 18 mm thick
    • Ultimate 8150 Super Thin: With 2.6-inch screen at 11 mm thick, and
    • Ultimate 9150 Flip: With 2.6-inch primary screen (1.2-inch OLED external)

    Specification for each include:
    • Windows Mobile 6
    • Quad-band GSM/EDGE and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA radios
    • 262k VGA LCD touchscreens
    • Wi-Fi
    • FM and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

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    notice how they didn't include a form factor with a qwerty (a la Treo/Q).. you'd think they'd go for that instead of sticking number pads on all of them, except for the tablet.

    Sounds to me this was a good opportunity for them to try just that..reminds of what Surur said once, that HTC possibly is not allowed to create a device like that (pocketpc + qwerty candybar) as part of an agreement with Palm.
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    Except for the flip one, they all look REALLY wide. Could be the angle, but they look like they wouldn't fit in small hands...
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    The 7150 is starting to grow on me. I really dont like Imate, as I think they are expensive with little added value, but if these devices are exclusive to them I might just have to give in. The 1.3 Megapixel camera is really turning me off however.

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    yeah I've been looking at the 7150 myself as it seems to be quite a toy, although honestly I'd love to have xp like some of the other recently announced umpcs with hsdpa or wimax. however, one thing about imate (as I was a recent owner of the jasjar) is their support. they have quite an extensive online community and *surprise surprise* they release updates and support their devices. I liked the quality of the jasjar, but yes it was a little pricey. I actually made a 150% profit when I sold it. of course, had I waited... I would have been using wm6 now in all its vga glory btw what a delightful screen 640x480 was! matrix reloaded looked incredible running through tcpmp and only a 3% framedrop
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    Sound like support nightmare. I doubt US carriers will carry any of them.
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    here's some pics of the 7150/ultimate from the Imate line

    honestly at first it really interested me but now it's a little too square-ish, something about it just turning me off. i'm guessing it's the upgrade to the jasjar line, still huge but it does include phone features. one thing that took me a while to get used to was the keyboard on the jasjar/universal - very very different from most keyboards now because of how many keys it includes. also, the OK key was very close to the ENTER/RETURN key, which caused trouble writing posts (start typing a message and hit ok instead of enter and poof you are at the today screen)
    anyway, enjoy the pictures. still an interesting device
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    I was really surprised to read that its actually shorter and thinner than the Universal, but I dont find it immediately visually appealing.

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    I know that I am only dreaming, but I still wish that this would become a common long as carriers didn't make the choice for their customers.....I really do like the idea of having the same phone and the customers are able to choose the form factor. And yes...I would love to see a Treo or Q option there as well.

    Out of the form factors above, I would take the 5150 or the 7150. But I would really like the 8150 with a sliding keyboard.....see I am still not happy with even having 5 choices!

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