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    Guys, go to So many awesome new smart phones coming out in the expo. I feel like the Disney world of cellphones open today.

    Notable ones:

    * Samsung unleash an army of different slider phones. At least 3 of them look very practical and attractive to me.

    * GSM Q look alot better without the big empty space in the bottom

    * A whole bunch of Q/Blackjack rip off.

    * A whole bunch of HTC 6700 slider rip off.

    * New low end phones that support memory card and A2DP

    * HP made a new PDA phone that has keybad? They haven't given up on the PDA? Too bad its so ugly.

    * comtinue arm race of thin phones!

    * Only one new iPhone rip off

    * Chicks holding hot phones

    So awesome.
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    Amazing number of WM devices, arnt there. MS says they aim to sell 30 million licenses this year.

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    piiics, wheres the piiiics?
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    Blame Treocentral admin who disable image.

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    Oh noes! Where is the SPACE bar on the new Q?
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    Interesting new HP iPaq phone running windows mobile 6.\

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