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    My first PDA was a 2mb Psion 3a, many years ago, and amongst its many wonderful features was a hugely addictive solitaire game which consumed vast amounts of my time!

    Does anybody remember its name and whether it is available for PalmOS?

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    Whadda mean, former? I still have a Psion 3a that I use fairly regularly (its still got the best damn alarm function of any PDA I've ever seen). You can probably find
    the game on Tucows, or one of the Psion-lib mirrors.

    I can't remember the name of the game, but best of luck to you. What did you end up doing with your Psion 3a when you upgraded to a Visor?


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    I sold the 3a to my brother when I got my Geofox One (Psion 5 clone with bigger screen and PCMCIA port). Then I got a Psion 5 but hated its screen and bulk. Then I saw the light and got my GVDX. I agree with you about the 3a's alarm. Impossible to sleep through!

    No joy on the game as yet..tried tucows and 3lib. Not to worry, SolFree already wastes enough time not to mention Moeboid(PC)!

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    Are you talking about the card game that actually came with the Psion? On the 3c there was a really addictive game of patience (like FreeCell that comes with Windows) but was made more difficult because the remaining 4 cards were automatically placed above the 8 stacks of 6 cards.

    There used to be a freeware mac-version of the game called Seahaven Towers. I'll dig out the 3c next time I get a chance to discover its name...

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