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    There's an analysis of Palm's financial woes over at the Motley Fool:

    I agree and disagree with different sections of the article, but I do find the information on Palm's marketing and sales problems enlightening -- particularly the sales problems caused by the announcment of m500/m505 before Palm could ship, and the subsequent drop-off in Palm V sales.

    In this respect, they seem to view Handspring as Gallant to Palm's Goofus, in the way Handspring has grown their market and announces new models only when they can ship them.

    Anyway... always interesting to see how the financial mavens view the whole thing.
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    Thanks BookRats, Very informative!
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    You can really site a few things Palm is doing wrong. For one, the honeymoon for them is over. Palm OS, is very simple. Not to say this is bad...simplicity is a wonderful thing. But with simplicity usually comes a price advantage...and honestly, that has all but disappeared. True, they are being more competative by adding SD support...but at the cost of cost. Why would someone who is shopping for simple, pay the price of complex (Pocket PC)?

    As far as stock drops...everyone is doing badly right now, and yes, the economy can be sited as a source of their demise...and everyone else's. Heck, anything in the Technology sector has been hurting the past few months. So really, even though the economy is bad, it is relative to everyone else.

    Biggest factor for hurt, again stated in article...they have a surplus of product that isn't being sold. Partially due to economy, partially due to price, mostly due to "there is something better on the horizon" syndrome. Honestly, who wants to buy an outdated model that they KNOW is already in the "can" as far as the company is concerned? I'll tell you what...if I could find a Yugo brand new today, I sure as heck wouldn't buy one.

    Last but not have to remember that Palm is a one dog and pony show. After their OS, what do they have? Answer: not much. Yeah, their product is great...and sure is nice to the touch...but Handspring has had the upper hand on them for a long time now. Handspring is much more feature rich, and offers much greater expandability.

    My solution:

    Palm liquidates its product, and continues into the handheld market as a OS/Software company. Sometimes, simple is better. For Palm to survive the next year, they need to get simple.

    my 2 cents.
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    I agree w/ yosemitesamiam on just about all points.
    But I think Palm can still kill if they can get the M5xx's out the door asap, esp. the color model, esp. if no one else has anything close (incl. 64k, dep. on how it looks) for ... 6 mo? A yr?
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