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    Just stopped by the Target today on my lunch break, and the Deluxe is definitely (before rebate) selling for $199. No rebate mentioned anywhwere, and the sale is only 3/30 and 3/31, I am imagining they are clearing out some inventory or something. A co-worker of mine is buying one at CompUSA (lots of gift cards) and she is getting them to price match the Target price.

    With a $150 price after rebate, that is a better deal than the IIIxe if you can even find them.
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    A co-worker of mine was able to get Staples.Com to match Target's price. He then added a Backup Module for $40 and then used Staples $40 off orders over $200 coupon.

    Along with the $50 rebate this is a pretty good deal!

    (up until putting this deal together, I thought I had him convinced on purchasing a Platinum).
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