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    WHAT?! Come on, I was looking forward to buying that device.. Not anymore!

    Looks like now I'll be trying the Samsung SCH-i760... Unless Blackberry comes out with 8800 series for Verizon..
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    Oh come now, dont be so superficial! Just paint it

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    Green is the new graphite.
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    green is the new/old/new puke
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    man I like the first two alot. I wonder how much the SMT5800 will be and how big it is. From the looks of things it got a smaller screen compared to the XV6800.
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    yeah what the update here home slices
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    I thought the 5800 was going to be a Smartphone device, not PocketPC (or whatever they're calling the two versions now)
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    the 5800 (green) will be a smartphone, meaning no touchscreen.
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    Yeah, thats what I thought. Too bad too, because a touchscreen version of that would probably be the perfect form factor, having the number keypad on the front for easier dialing.

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