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    Looks like Palm's stock tumble has affected their release date of the m500 and m505.

    "Palm revealed on Tuesday that significant volumes of its high-end m500 series would hit retail shelves only near the very end of its fiscal fourth quarter, limiting the revenues that those products could reap in the period."

    read more here:

    I thought that the m500 was to be release first in April and the m505 in May. So if they push back the release of the m500 to June, when will the m505 be release?

    AND will the m505 be overshadowed by the arrival of the Clie 2 if they are offered to the public at around the same time?
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    I think Papm made a big blunder here. They were forced to announce the M500 series before they even have them ship...and yes this is a product announcement NOT a release since ordinary consumers cannot get it into their hands. I bet by the time thay are available, the Sony Clie and Handspring's Twist will be here.
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    The original quote that I saw from Palm is just a little bit different. A quote from the actual press release on Palm's web site at,+2001says "At the same time, Palm is going through the most significant product transition in its history, and we currently anticipate volume shipments of the new m500 series in the last month of our fourth quarter. " This is what they have been saying all along. The fourth quarter ends around June 1 (Q2 ended Nov. 30, 2000; Q3 ended March 2, 2001). The M500 is expected around the last week of April. The M505 is expected the second week of May.

    The quote also refers to volume shipments. I am sure that the initial shipments of both products will be trickles as the first units show up from the factories. This would make volume shipments begin a week or so later. In the case of the M500 this hits the beginning of May. This is (as the press release states), one month before the end of the fourth quarter.

    Let's think things through before pronouncing doom and gloom.

    BTW. Palm Posted the M505 ROMs in developers area of their web site a couple of days ago. It looks finished. This would make production imminent. Also, the new emulator let's you set up an expansion file system. It appears to work as expected - pretty cool.

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