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    Well, it looks like the jornanda 525 is only gonna be 369 dollars, and i have an extended warrenty at best buy so i could pretty much claim something is wrong with my handheld and get the jornada for 30 dollars. And its tempting to get mp3 and video, but thats not the concern.

    I love my palmIIIc, its almost like my little buddy, I almost sleep next to little timmy (yes i named it) should i trade timmy in for a better handheld? Is that right? Is it worth it?
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    I personally think that hardware wise you can get a much better handheld. I'm not sure if the jourdana is the one that you want to get, but that another issue. If you always want to get the latest handheld, you're going to have a lot of trouble keeping up with the times (unless you're name is foo fighter ), and you're also going to go broke. What you need to do is ask yourself weither or not the IIIc does what you want it to do for you, and then based on that make you're discision from there.

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    There are two problems with the 525,
    1. No filp cover means you have to add 18 bucks to the price to buy one. and this is a have to, because the flipcover is realy a great thing
    2. 8bit color. comperable to your palm, it realy speeds up the 525, which uses the 131mhz sh3 processor. (ipaq uses 206mhz ARM)

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