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    I have just recently found a way that I can get an HP Jordana 540 for abotu $170. Brand new, in box, from Circuit City (im an employee and its a special deal for us. NO i can't get one for anyone else, so dont ask) I have a VDx right now that i love. I love springboards, but the HP 540 already plays MPS and has a lot of features like a blinking alarm and stuff that i would have to add to my visor to make it as functional as that HP 540. It sounds like a no brainer, but i do love my Vdx. What should i do?

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    If I were you and I could afford the $170, I'd get it. Buying it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to switch completely, you know. PPCs make good high-tech toys (MP3s, some video, etc etc). Heck, $170 is cheap even for some standalone MP3 players.

    Keep your VDx for organization and actual work and buy the Jornada for 'play'.

    If, however, you CAN'T afford the $170 splurge (without selling your VDx), then it shouldn't even be a consideration.
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    If it was the 548, it would be worth going for, but I don't know about the 540. It only has 16Mb of RAM, which in the PPC world is a lot like having 2Mb in the PalmOS world. I just got a Prism a few weeks ago, but when I was doing my research, I included the 548 which looks to be a 540 with an extra 16Mb of memory. I looked at the screen in person, and while the resolution is good, it looks washed out and dull. Also, most PPC developers produce different versions of software for different brands/processors, and apparently there isn't much software available for the Jornada. To make things worse, Hitachi has announce that it's dropping support for the processor that the 540 and 548 use, probably because it's the slowest one out there. Bottom line: don't expect developers to spend any time writing for it. All in all, it sounds like a good deal, but I doubt you'll be happy with it as a PDA.
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