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    Hey guys im looking to try a different phone and was wondering if these phones work with the Verizon network. Im on my rents calling plan so I would need to stick to verizon.
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    HTC made the 6700, and they are making the soon-to-be-released 6800 (HTC Herald), so yes HTC does, but you can't go out and buy one until VZW releases it.
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    Soon to be released... How soon? haha.
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    iMate phones are GSM, so seeing one work on VZW is not going to happen. HTC does make a lot of phones running windows mobile for all the carriers in the US. For Sprint/Verizon/Alltel, they make the 6700 and the Treo 700w/wx, for Cingular/T-mobile, they make the 8125/MDA/8525/Treo 750 (HTC Cheetah).
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