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    I was given a Blackberry 8700c. I'm on cingular and want to use this phone. I don't need the VPN or blackberry connect etc, I just wanted to be able to surf the web and check my pop mail accounts.

    Does anyone know if I can use MediaMax200, which is unlimited internet and 200 text messages?

    I called cingular and they told me I need a 40 dollar plan. They told me the same thing about my treo650 and that works fine with MediaMax.

    Also what are some good blackberry websites or forums? This forum has taught me so much about my treo, I'm hoping to learn more about my new blackberry.
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    this one is really good when i used a blackberry
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    I can't say for sure but I don't think you can do squat datawise without a blackberry plan. I picked up a pearl a couple of days ago. I had mediamax 200, but when I powered up the pearl it immediately said data connection refused (without even doing anything on the phone). I don't think I tried web browsing but there wasn't even any data indicator showing up. When I had them change the plan to the Blackberry personal, it immediately showed a data connection available.

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