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    Does any anybody know the difference between a front-light reflective TFT screen to a back-lighted reflective TFT screen?

    The clie 2 has the front-light type and the m505 has the back-light type. Which one is better? What does the Prism have? What does the Compaq iPAQ have? Which one let you view the screen in the daylight?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    To answer your question...all screens for these purposes are back-lit. The only difference is the iPaq, which has two sources...back-lit and a funky side light thing that uses reflected light as a power source...not totally sure how that works. Anyway, for a better grasp on this topic try they have an unbelievable amount of discussions on this...but I think they are now in the 0-2 week old try there first.

    Good Luck!

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